Senen Garcia Business Law, Accounting and Budgeting

Mr. Garcia has been an Entrepreneur from an early age. Mr. Garcia was sole owner of two businesses before completing his Bachelors’ Degree in Business Administration. His concentration in Entrepreneurship and International Business only fueled his desire to pursue life as an Entrepreneur. Prior to receiving his undergraduate degree, Mr. Garcia opened his accounting and tax practice. While continuing to manage the operation of his accounting and tax practice, Mr. Garcia would eventually completed both his Graduate and Juris Doctorate degrees. Mr. Garcia now operates a thriving law practice assisting clients with their corporate, real estate, and property insurance claim needs. Additionally, Mr. Garcia is a certified counselor for SCORE advising small businesses on various topics to help propel their businesses to the next level. In addition to his work with SCORE, Mr. Garcia has also provided assistance with the local Small Claims Clinic that provides assistance to individuals filing small claims cases. Mr. Garcia has spoken on a variety of topics such as: How to start a business, Defining a business’ cost & profit centers, Seeking financing for a business, Proper budgeting, Communication within your organization, Estate Planning for Business Owners, Maximizing your tax refund while minimizing your costs, Importance of Capital Accounts, What’s in Business Name Anyway?, Tax planning, Stock Purchase Agreements vs. Asset Purchase Agreements, and Reducing member apathy.