Our workshops benefits not only start-ups, but growing businesses by providing the tools and information needed to create a successful business. Our workshops covers all of the basics you need to know to start a small business venture as well as grow an existing one.

Pre-Assessment of Business Needs

  • Before You Start – This workshop will focus on change and transition, overcoming barriers to self-employment, and assessing goals for life and business. Participants will be able to determine if entrepreneurship is right for them and how to choose the right business.
  • Business Plan Workshop: A motivational program created to encourage and prepare new and seasoned entrepreneurs with the information they will need to start and sustain their business. Each person will learn how to prepare a business plan from scratch. Discussions and exercises will include topics on how to research, write, and market your business concept.
  • Marketing Plan Workshop
  • Establishing Financing For Your Business Have you been wondering how you are going to finance your dream of owning a small business? Come and learn what steps you must take to start your business on a good financial foundation. Learn when to start seeking financing, how and where to network, how your personal credit affects your dream, how to calculate your start up operating expenses and much more.