Our Program provides expert assistance to help entrepreneurs address the key issues for the success of their new or emerging business.


Our Mentors

Our mentors are presidents, CEOs, managing partners and business founders, attorneys, accountants, and consultants. The size of our mentor corps and their breadth of experience allow us to tailor our mentor selections to the needs, business maturity, and industry of each entrepreneur. These business people have traveled the path from start-up to success and are eager to share their experiences with early-stage entrepreneurs.


Team Mentoring

We will initially offer a team-based mentoring session, involving entrepreneurs and a panel of mentors from different sectors. The entrepreneurs will work closely with MICROscholarships to define the issues to be discussed with the mentors. The results of the mentor interviews are presented to the entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs are then given the opportunity to follow-up with the mentors.


Individual Mentoring

Our highly experienced mentors are also available for individual mentoring sessions.