Scott Tubbs

Scott Tubbs is an emerging thought leader on interactive social media, engaging presenter and a fervor technology buff (aka, geek). He bodes an impressive rag to riches corporate achievement with a foot-in-the door, entry-level clerk to director and regional vice-president of a Fortune 500 company. A notable role was a designing and creating a financial literacy platform that provided online access to loan information for students and college administrators. While living abroad during an international tour of duty in the United States Air Force afforded him a non-discriminate approach, laced with compassion when collaborating with diverse groups. His first hand experiences in multicultural living and leadership have sculptured his acceptance, understanding and welcoming of everyone he comes in contact with. His involvements in multi-sport events have not been limited to a local and regional setting, but have encompassed an international setting as well. As a savvy entrepreneur he has seen past business endeavors excel under his guidance. Scott achieved his post-secondary educational goals non-traditionally from Indiana Wesleyan University, while pursuing a full-time career. He believes the Internet is a progressive movement to bring forth change, support and create access to education. Fueled by his passion for technology and his unique vision for innovations is the driving force for managing