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MICROscholarships will offer College Entrepreneurs an opportunity to establish and implement their business idea, to be mentored by President and CEO’s of businesses to ensure their benefit from the experience of the mentors. Being selected as a MICROscholarship entrepreneur is both an honor and a challenge. Interns will be able to participate in an exciting, hands-on, experience-based learning opportunity in an with entrepreneurs to ensure the success of their own business.

Student Eligibility and Requirements

College students currently enrolled or resent graduates are eligible to apply. Applicants must provide evidence of extracurricular involvement, an interest in entrepreneurship and effectively describe their business idea both written and verbal. Students must be willing to be mentored, attend workshops and training to endure they grasp all they can.

To Apply (Students)

For students to be considered for the MICROscholarships program, they must complete the online application, show a serious interest in pursuing entrepreneurship, provide a professional resume, provide their business idea and schedule an interview with the

MICROscholarships mentors.

****The online Applications is available on

  • Scholarships

    For eligible candidates who enroll and complete program-sponsored training, mentoring and business development workshops.

  • Mentoring

    Insightful guidance and support from accomplished business leaders on key decisions impacting entrepreneurs’ business.

  • Training

    Entrepreneurial programs for aspiring entrepreneurs and emerging leaders that provide clarity on mundane, routine, and complex aspects of business management.

  • Workshops

    From business plans to finance, interactive group training sessions for entrepreneurs to plug-in and prosper.